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Bluebonnet Data surpasses 1,000 volunteers trained & matched to progressive campaigns & causes

Founded in 2018, the progressive political data org hits a major milestone


May 12, 2022

Media Contact:

Christina Hahn, Communications Director

Boston, MA — As progressives gear up for a critical midterm season, data-savvy students & young professionals are flocking to volunteer on campaigns. Bluebonnet Data, a youth-led nonprofit that trains and places data volunteers with campaigns, announced on Wednesday that with the finalization of their May cohort, they've passed the milestone of 1,000 fellows trained since their founding in 2018.

Two donut hole charts side by side on blue background. Chart on left shows percentage breakdown of over 600 clients served by Bluebonnet Data. Sub-caption reads: Making key investments in down-ballot campaigns & critical states. State legislative (70.6%), Progressive Organizations (8.9%), Federal Campaigns/Orgs (8.2%), Municipal (7.1%), Statewide (5.4%). Chart on right is the profession breakdown of over 1000+ Fellows organized by Bluebonnet. Subcaption reads: Amplifying diverse perspectives & new voices in the progressive field. College Student (57%), Working Professional (28%), Graduate Student (14%), and Other (1%).
Bluebonnet Data has worked across 41 different states as well as national organizations to serve 600+ clients and organize 1000+ Data & Tech Fellows.

Bluebonnet Data’s Executive Director Becca Blais released the following statement after the nonprofit Bluebonnet Data reached more than 1000 volunteers trained and matched since its founding in 2018:

“We’re doing things differently because we need different results. We’re bringing in new voices into the progressive field, amplifying diverse perspectives by providing civic volunteer opportunities & affordable data insights for political newcomers.

Before joining the fellowship, 70% of our fellows had never volunteered for a campaign before; after fellowship, 91% plan to volunteer for political campaigns in the future, and nearly 60% are interested in pursuing a job in the progressive tech or political space.

Bluebonnet Data began as a handful of students volunteering their coding skills to help get Beto O’Rourke elected to the US Senate, and just a few years later, we’re over 1000 people strong. That’s 1000 people who have donated their time and skills in coding and data science to support progressive campaigns and causes, all while paving the way for a new generation to join the movement.”

Bluebonnet Fellow from the 2020 Cohort, Deepika Dilip also commented:

Bluebonnet combined my passion for data science with my desire to engage more with local campaigns, along with providing a community of engaged individuals working to change our political landscape. 2020 reframed what a “winnable race” means, and it’s inspiring to see 1000 individuals fighting for just that. Growth in our Bluebonnet community is especially heartwarming; in the middle of legislation that seeks to push the county backwards, our cohort consists of future leaders not willing to back down.”


About Bluebonnet Data

Bluebonnet Data is a national 501c4 nonprofit that trains & matches volunteers with data & tech skills to progressive campaigns and causes. Bluebonnet Data served as Beto O’Rourke’s first data volunteer team for his 2018 Senate race, spurring a national youth-driven movement of data volunteers & its subsequent founding in 2018. Learn more about how we’re Democratizing Data at

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