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Bluebonnet Data launches Campaign Tech Fellowship

Bluebonnet Data addresses down-ballot tech adoption challenges in the Democratic Party


Aug 16, 2022

Media Contact:

Christina Hahn, Communications Director

Boston, MA — Despite the narrowing technology gap between Democrats and Republicans, there is still room for improvement for access to talent who can aid progressives with effective technology adoption. Bluebonnet Data aims to bridge the campaign tech adoption gap in down-ballot Democratic campaigns through its revitalized Campaign Tech Fellowship. The non-profit seeks to leverage the talent and skills of a new digital generation to distribute technical help to down-ballot campaigns in key swing states through its Campaign Tech Fellowship.

On July 23rd, 2022 more than 70 young progressive technologists received training as a part of Bluebonnet Data’s Campaign Tech Fellowship cohort. The Campaign Tech Fellowship trains and matches pairs of Fellows to serve multiple campaigns over the course of two months. Campaign Tech Fellows will guide political campaigns on how to use digital tools such as social media, digital ads, voter outreach software, fundraising tools and more. Fellows specialize in one of two tracks: Organizing Tools or Digital Media.

Screenshot of multiple smiling faces on an online Zoom call
Photo of Campaign Tech Fellows during Campaign Tech Training Bootcamp

Currently, Bluebonnet is serving multiple campaigns across the country, including races in Arizona, California, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. In providing campaigns with Campaign Tech Fellows, Bluebonnet fulfills a strategically empowering role. The effective adoption and inclusion of campaign technology enables campaigns with smaller staff to scale their efforts with greater impact.

Bluebonnet Data has partnered with stac labs, NDTC, Universe, Collective Impact, Soapboxx, and Empower on training efforts for the program.

In addition, Bluebonnet Data is offering free Campaign Tech teams to any progressive candidates running races in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Campaigns in other states may access Bluebonnet Campaign Tech teams for a flat fee of $300.

For any Democratic or progressive campaigns running in down-ballot races seeking Campaign Tech volunteers, please fill out our interest form or email us directly at For those wanting to get involved as a Campaign Tech Fellow, Bluebonnet Data is still receiving applications for their program on a rolling basis until September 10th, 2022.

Update: PredictWise, which was listed as an offered tool, is no longer included in the tool stack for the Campaign Tech Program.


About Bluebonnet Data

Bluebonnet Data is a national 501c4 nonprofit that trains & matches volunteers with data & tech skills to progressive campaigns and causes. Bluebonnet Data served as Beto O’Rourke’s first data volunteer team for his 2018 Senate race, spurring a national youth-driven movement of data volunteers & its subsequent founding in 2018. Learn more about how we’re Democratizing Data at

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