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Campaign Tech Program Guide

Stac labs and Bluebonnet Data are boosting organizing and digital campaign work by supplying best-in-class campaign tech tools and providing (remote) technical volunteers to help get you running with them.

Who’s it For? → Any local or state Democratic campaigns, especially down-ballot.

How much does this cost? → Free in PA, NC, AZ, FL, and GA; $300 in any other states

How do I get started & get fellows for my campaign? → Fill out this form.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You fill out this form (linked here) to get started (optionally reach out to as well).

  2. (Optional, but recommended) Join an info session with Bluebonnet–RSVP at this link–to learn more about the program (or reach out to or with any questions)

  3. We’ll match you with a pair of Bluebonnet Campaign Tech Fellows (volunteers working remotely), one specializing in Digital and the other in Organizing. These fellows will work with you to:

    1. Assess the best options for Campaign Tech tools to help your campaign, starting with the basics, then stac’s featured free/discounted tools and any other tools you need. They’ll build a tech adoption plan for you to help get you what you need based on your goals, budget and capacity.

      1. While the Fellows are able to talk through the best use of their time & skillset and do have some limits on their time & capabilities, they ultimately will help you in the way(s) that you need help.

    2. Set up tools, train your team, and provide technical and strategic support to ensure successful adoption. This may take just a few weeks, or might be ongoing throughout the entire cycle → The fellows will support you as they are needed and offboard if their work is done.

    3. Many Fellows will offboard once these tools & strategies are successfully adopted. In some cases, Fellows will provide ongoing support for your campaign throughout the cycle related to their speciality (Digital or Organizing) – e.g., managing social media, running textbanks, etc.




  • Social Media accounts & best practices

  • VAN (+ all that comes with it, like MiniVAN) * - VAN is usually not free, depending on your state

  • ActBlue

  • Website (see Layer 2)

  • Deck: Deck helps campaigns build better lists in VoteBuilder, run targeted ads on Facebook, and plan the most efficient path to reach targeted voters.


*stac labs is in the process of finalizing negotiations with two key vendors to ensure free or heavily discounted access to exciting new tech for campaigns in PA, NC, AZ, FL, and GA:

  • Soapboxx: Soapboxx will enable you to post video prompts for supporters to then record videos on your campaign’s behalf. In seconds, you can turn your supporters’ submissions into professionally branded videos to share across all of your digital platforms without the need to hire an expensive producer.

  • Universe Website Builder: Universe’s website builder will allow down ballot campaigns to create custom branded websites so they can promote their platform, events, and share more about their campaign with voters. With preloaded templates and a cost lower than major content management systems like WordPress and Squarespace.


  • Stac labs has partnered with these vendors to provide discounted technology to State Democratic Parties and down ballot campaigns.

  • Additionally, Bluebonnet Fellows are trained to set up and support several other tools related to Digital & Organizing

  • Fellows are also eager to help in other ways as well, related to making the most of your campaign tech

Ready to get started or have any questions?

Fill out our interest form:

Contact Bluebonnet Data:

Contact Stac labs:



About Bluebonnet’s Tech Fellows

Bluebonnet Campaign Tech Fellows are unpaid volunteers supporting campaigns remotely from all around the country. Bluebonnet Data recruits individuals with some mix of campaign and/or technical/digital background. Fellows will be trained to help campaigns integrate organizing and digital tech while providing limited strategic support to support tool adoption. Check out our training briefing to see how we’re equipping them to support your campaigns!

Fellows volunteer 5 hours per week through the Campaign Tech Fellowship. Fellows will work with multiple campaigns throughout the election cycle.

Click here to learn more about Bluebonnet Data.

The Tech Adoption Plan

Too often we see campaigns get access to a bunch of cool technology, but fail to intentionally adopt them to help their campaign win. We don’t want to layer on a tech stack that can’t be used, so we work with campaigns to understand the following:

  • Budget: Do you have the $$ to pay for the right tool for the job? (e.g., let’s avoid setting up a digital ad tool without the budget to run ads)

  • Capacity: – Do you have the staff and/or volunteer capacity to use a given tool? (e.g. do you have the volunteer operation able to run a Relational tool effectively?)

  • Goals: – Does this tool actually solve the problems and meet the goals of the campaign? (e.g.: A Texting tool alone won’t solve for lack of volunteer base)

Bluebonnet’s Campaign Tech Fellows will then build out a timeline for tool integration, usage, and purpose. With help from Stac, they’ll then help you get set up with the tool(s) and provide varying degrees of ongoing support.


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