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Work With A Bluebonnet Team

Bluebonnet Data places volunteer political data & tech teams with local campaigns & progressive organizations around the country. In addition to many down-ballot candidate campaigns, we support nonprofits, state parties & causes, unions, PACs, and other progressive organizations.
Our next cohort launches in April 2024

Data Projects
Website or Digital support
Syncing data across platforms
District & Voter
Issue & Messaging Research
Internal report
Progress to goal visualization
Early voting
Set up Field tools (e.g. Texting)
Calculate a win number
Other custom

Fellows can help on a variety of projects for your campaign or organization over their 11+ weeks with you, ranging from data analyses & automations to tech tool & digital support.

Get help with campaign tech

Fellows will have access to training or have experience with these tools (and more!) in addition to their trainings on political data and basics of campaign/organizing digital.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • TikTok

Case Studies & Examples


What Our Partners Are Saying


"My Bluebonnet team made me not only a better candidate but a better representative."

Aric Putnam | State Senate Candidate, MN


"Bluebonnet is an absolute game-changer for campaigns, providing in-depth analytics and support at a price that levels the playing field, especially for first-time candidates and grassroots campaigns."

Connie DiCicco | State House Candidate, GA

Civil Miller-Watkins.png

"These young people should give us all hope for the future of the body politic. The energy, eagerness, and knowledge they bring to a campaign cannot be diminished. They were a pleasure to work with."

Civil Miller Watkins | State Senate Candidate, TN

AK mobilization center.png

"We had a great run with this team and they provided a number of useful analyses and products to help us understand the effectiveness and reach of our field programs, tweak our approach, and even talk through simple problems." 

The Mobilization Center, AK


Compliance With Applicable Laws

Under certain circumstances, Bluebonnet may not be able to provide in-kind contributions to our partners. As a result, and in order to be extra cautious, we charge a fee for the service of matching a data team with a client

Connect your campaign or cause
to a volunteer data team.

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