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Leverage your skills to help progressive campaigns and causes.

Fellow applications are closed for this year

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We are looking for people who have experience with data, coding, or political organizing and are looking to gain experience in political data. Our fellowship is designed for people who have a strong desire to make a difference in the field of progressive politics.


We will teach you campaign basics and how data and technology can help progressive campaigns and causes. We will also introduce you to the tools, tech, and data sources you need to be successful. 

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Volunteer directly with campaigns and causes alongside a peer-led team. You will also join the wider Bluebonnet community where we work together, share projects, and host events.


The Bluebonnet Fellowship

Use your technical skills to make a difference in progressive politics.

C Tech Program

About the Bluebonnet Fellowship:

Fellows will be trained on campaign/organizing basics, political data, and commonly used campaign tools beginning with our Bluebonnet Bootcamp and continuing weekly throughout the Fellowship. For 13 weeks, fellows will be matched to a campaign/organization alongside a team of 3-5 peers. Throughout the fellowship, fellows will acquire training & experience with a subset of political data tactics (e.g. voter targeting, turnout projections) and contribute their unique skillsets to innovative projects. This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity.

First & foremost, we’re looking for folks with a passion for Progressive politics and causes, especially those considering a future career in this field.


Beyond that, we’re looking for some subset of these skills & experiences:

  • Data analysis or related data/technical disciplines; specifically, experience working with data using tools such as:

    • Scripting languages like Python or R

    • SQL

    • Advanced Google Sheets or Excel

    • BI/analysis tools such as Tableau, Hex, Google Looker Studio, etc.

    • Experience with other languages & software engineering is also a plus

  • Experience using campaign tools (or related digital/marketing tools) such as:

    • VAN, PDI, or other voter databases

    • Voter contact tools like Hustle, Impactive, GetThru, Reach, etc.

    • Digital tools, including social media, digital ads, or website management

  • A mix of communication, project management, and team skills

Time Commitment:

  • An average of 5-7 hours per week of volunteer work for a 13-week period


  •  Our first cohort of 2024 will start in March. Every month, until August 2024 we will launch a new cohort.  

Application process:

  • Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Some applicants will be invited to a 1:1 interview. Then, the interviewees will receive a decision letter via email. Selected applicants will receive an email detailing the next steps. The capacity of each cohort will vary.


Roudy Boursiquot

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"Bluebonnet provided me an opportunity to leverage my professional experience in strategy & analytics to break into the political tech space. Getting to work so closely with the candidate alongside a diverse group of fellows made it such an incredibly impactful experience."

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