We're building a long-term movement for data talent

Whether you're a data person with a passion for progressive politics or a political newcomer who needs a team of data volunteers — we got you.

Our Process


We recruit people with skills in coding and data science to become Bluebonnet Fellows, data volunteers for progressive causes. 


We train Fellows on how to apply their technical skills to civic data, such as working with census data to conduct district analyses and using VoteBuilder.


We organize fellows into teams of three to five and match them with a progressive campaign or cause, where they become the volunteer data team. 
Make an investment in the long-term success of the progressive movement.

Turn red states into swing states.

Build data infrastructure for down-ballot campaigns across the country. 

Support future data-savvy leaders.

Help train the data directors, campaign managers, and leaders of tomorrow. 

Meet the Fellows


What Our Campaigns Are Saying


"My Bluebonnet team made me not only a better candidate but a better representative."

Aric Putnam | State Senate Candidate, MN


"Our Bluebonnet data team helped put Joe Biden in the White House by helping us flip over 50,000 votes and deliver Wisconsin to Biden."

Chelsea Cross | Campaign Manager, WI


"Bluebonnet is an absolute game-changer for campaigns, providing in-depth analytics and support at a price that levels the playing field, especially for first-time candidates and grassroots campaigns."

Connie DiCicco | State House Candidate, GA

Civil Miller-Watkins.png

"These young people should give us all hope for the future of the body politic. The energy, eagerness, and knowledge they bring to a campaign cannot be diminished. They were a pleasure to work with."

Civil Miller Watkins | State Senate Candidate, TN


Our Partners

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Contact us about working with a volunteer data team.