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Bluebonnet Data’s 2022 Impact Report

  • 470 Bluebonnet Fellows recruited & trained, bringing our all-time fellow community to 1,250+ people

  • 100+ campaigns & causes served, ranging across every level of the ballot

  • 30,000+ hours of volunteer work facilitated

Across our two programs, Bluebonnet Fellows helped campaigns and nonprofits create voter universes, run data-driven canvassing efforts, build new district maps, analyze voting patterns, generate voter turnout scores, expand outreach efforts on social media, and more. Here’s an overview of how Bluebonnet contributed to a historically successful midterm showing for Democrats and progressives.


Fellow Impact:

Recruiting new and diverse voices to the progressive movement

Bluebonnet Fellows used their technical and data skills to support progressive causes through the Data Fellowship, Campaign Tech Fellowship, or both.

Through the Data Fellowship, we provided training on how to apply data skills to the civic & political spheres, and fellows directly joined their partner organizations as data volunteers. Campaign Tech Fellows were focused on tech adoption and implementation in down-ballot races across AZ, FL, GA, NC, and PA.

• 382 Data Fellows provided in-depth support to 70+ campaigns and organizations and 91 Campaign Tech Fellows helped 40+ campaigns since the program launched in July.

Fellows joined us from all types of backgrounds and experiences. 41% of fellows joined while in college, 16% in grad school, 38% as working professionals, and 5% from high school or retirement. For many fellows, this was their first (or one of their first experiences) working in the political ecosystem.

Client Impact:

Democratizing data & building a bench for the progressive movement

  • 70% of clients were campaigns, while 30% were organizations (progressive nonprofits, state/local parties, unions, PACs, and ballot measures).

  • 77% of candidates are Women or BIPOC

  • 48% of candidates are first-time candidates

Campaign Tech Support

Through our partnership with stac labs, now in its second election cycle, Campaign Tech Fellows helped campaigns in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania adopt and implement time-saving technologies, including:

Success Stories

Pennsylvania + Bluebonnet Data: Pouring in data & tech support to a critical battleground state

In Pennsylvania, Democrats are hopeful they may have flipped the State House for the first time since 2008. Going into this election, few thought this would be possible. This cycle, Bluebonnet worked with 12 campaigns in Pennsylvania as well as two organizations investing deeply in infrastructure & organizing support for PA legislative campaigns (Turn PA Blue and Focus Action Network).

Democratic candidate Mark Moffa, who is vying for one of the two currently undecided seats in the PA State House, has been working with Bluebonnet Data & Campaign Tech Fellows since June. While the results are incredibly close, we are incredibly proud of the work that all of our Fellows, partner organizations, and partner campaigns have done to seriously contest–and hopefully, flip–the PA legislature for the first time in over a decade.

Other Wins from 2022

Not every campaign is a win, but every team represents an investment in furthering the progressive movement with data, technology, and people power.

  • Voters in Kentucky rejected an anti-abortion ballot measure, a victory for our partners at the Kentucky Democratic Party. Bluebonnet fellows continue to work with the KYDP to build important data infrastructure as they prepare for crucial statewide elections next year.

  • Yes On 3 successfully passed a ballot measure (with almost 80% of the vote!) to remove slavery from the Tennessee State Constitution.

  • Bluebonnet Fellow teams helped hold crucial House seats in RI-02 (Seth Magaziner), MN-02 (Angie Craig), and MI-08 (Dan Kildee).

  • Bluebonnet data fellows helped candidates flip a few state legislative seats, including Liz Boldon (MN), Mandy Steele (PA), Nick Miller (PA), Tim Brennan (PA), Lisa Campbell (GA), and more!

Project Highlight: Through a 1.5+ year partnership with the Southern Minnesota Study Group, fellows analyzed patterns in split-ticket voting (see below). Credit: Adam Chapnik, Ben Gelman, Drew Keller, PK O’Flaherty, Sirui Jiang, & Sakina Kanji.


Thanks for a great cycle!

We’re really proud of what Bluebonnet accomplished this year, but it truly takes a village. Firstly, we want to thank all our fellows for volunteering their time and skills to progressive campaigns and organizations across the country. This midterm year was incredibly consequential—voting, reproductive rights, and democracy were all on the ballot. It’s thanks to the work of our fellows, clients, and partners, as well as the critical efforts of organizers, election workers, campaign staff, and volunteers that Democrats secured so many victories. The Bluebonnet Team

Becca, Nathán, Kassandra, Mare, Jake, Jordan, Ashwath, & Reyhan

Make an investment in the future of the Progressive Movement with a donation to Bluebonnet. $100 trains a new fellow, $500 trains a team, and $5,000 would cover an entire cohort. We accept donations on ActBlue and through checks/transfers.

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