Bluebonnet Data is a people-powered nonprofit with a mission to democratize data. We recruit, train, and organize people with skills in coding and data science to volunteer on data analyst teams for progressive campaigns and causes. 

Founded in March 2018

Our Founding 

Bluebonnet began with a cold LinkedIn message to Beto O’Rourke at the beginning of his 2018 Senate run. Nathán offered to volunteer and contribute his skills in data analysis to the campaign, and he was soon joined by a small team of fellow students at Harvard and MIT, all with strong technical backgrounds.

While working on the Senate campaign, our team saw a need for young technical talent on campaigns that stretched throughout Texas and beyond. We began volunteering for other campaigns, from County Council to Congress, in Texas and around the country.

As the demand for volunteer data teams grew, so did our network of Bluebonnet Fellows. We recruited primarily from universities, making the case for technical students with an interest in politics to put their skills to use in the campaign field.

Today, in addition to our five founding members, we have an active group of more than 500 fellows working on campaigns for school board, state legislature, Congress, as well as nonprofits and legislative causes nationwide. 

The Story Behind the Name

Bluebonnets are the state flower of Texas. Each spring, when the bluebonnets bloom, they bloom with such vibrance and intensity such that they will turn entire fields blue. In homage to our Texas roots and the power of technologists coming together around a common cause, we named our nonprofit Bluebonnet Data.


Meet The Team

Becca Blais
Executive Director



Becca holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame. While working on student policy at Notre Dame, Becca recognized the potential for data and technology to aid civic causes. She gained experience in coding as a data migration consultant in Chicago and then joined Bluebonnet Data as a volunteer in 2019. As Bluebonnet's first employee and now Executive Director, Becca believes in the importance of investing in talent and data infrastructure at the most local level. 


Christina Hahn
Communications Director


Christina holds a BA in Political Science & History from Rice University with an expected MA in Design & Innovation from Southern Methodist University in May 2022. Prior to her role as the Communications Director at Bluebonnet, Christina worked at a global management & technology consulting firm. Christina aspires to be a design-justice practitioner who emboldens new voices and critically necessary perspectives in our shared political futures.


Aedan Lombardo
Data Director


Aedan holds a BA in Statistics and Data Science from Yale University. Aedan began as Bluebonnet Data Fellow and joined the full-time team in 2020 to launch a Tech Fellowship program in partnership with Stac Labs. 

Aedan Lombardo.jpg

Derek Giamundo
Program Manager


Derek holds a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Prior to joining Bluebonnet Data, Derek was the Data Director for Tennessee’s civic engagement tables, helping grassroots organizations use data and technology to organize voters. 

Derek Giamundo.jpg

Board & Advisors

Mariam Ahmed
Operations Manager


Mariam holds a BA in Political Science from Boston College. Prior to joining Bluebonnet Data, Mariam was the Special Projects Director at the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Mariam is focused on supporting progressive campaigns and causes.