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Bluebonnet Data partners with Rural Democracy Initiative

Bluebonnet’s ability to recruit volunteers with data and tech expertise

highly valued by grantees of Rural Democracy Initiative


Aug 12, 2022

Media Contact:

Christina Hahn, Communications Director

Boston, MA — Bluebonnet Data and the Rural Democracy Initiative have partnered to provide RDI grantees with Data Fellows, who will support grantees’ strategic projects with necessary data expertise.

Bluebonnet Data and the Rural Democracy Initiative (RDI) both share the mission of activating and building Democratic infrastructure starting from the local level. Both organizations firmly believe that the future of American democracy depends on engagement at all levels of government, especially statewide and local electoral levels.

RDI is an organization that transforms the communities of rural people through civic engagement, issue advocacy, community organizing, and urban-rural coalition building through providing grants and advocacy resources. Of the partnership between Bluebonnet Data and RDI, RDI commented:

Many of our grantees have highlighted wanting better data quality, access, and analysis. Bluebonnet Data’s ability to recruit people with a background in coding, data science, and statistics is a huge asset.”

Bluebonnet Data looks forward to a robust partnership of supporting RDI grantees with teams of passionate and knowledgeable data volunteers on an ongoing basis.


About Bluebonnet Data

Bluebonnet Data is a national 501c4 nonprofit that trains & matches volunteers with data & tech skills to progressive campaigns and causes. Bluebonnet Data served as Beto O’Rourke’s first data volunteer team for his 2018 Senate race, spurring a national youth-driven movement of data volunteers & its subsequent founding in 2018. Learn more about how we’re Democratizing Data at

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