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How Bluebonnet Data is Addressing Roe v. Wade

We’re supporting progressive candidates in the reddest states and swing districts, recruiting and training more data scientists and technologists, and making our own long-term plan.

States with abortion bans designed to be activated if Roe is overturned (NYTimes) overlaid with states where Bluebonnet Data has worked since 2018.

You know what happened. We want to tell you what we’re doing about it and how you can help.

Supporting Progressive Campaigns & Causes

What we’re doing: We have already matched with 39 progressive campaigns and organizations, with another 17 preparing to launch this month.

How you can help: Refer a campaign or organization that is fighting to defend reproductive justice & healthcare rights to us to be matched with a data team.

Training and Deploying Data and Tech Fellows

What we’re doing: This year, we have already recruited and trained 177 fellows. We expect to recruit at least 300 more before November 2022.

How you can help: Spread the word to data- and tech-savvy people you know. We’re actively recruiting for our summer cohorts.

Partnering with Progressive Organizations

What we’re doing: We’re proud to partner with groups like VoteProChoice, Emerge, Her Term, Doctors in Politics, and Run For Something — partners that are supporting women and other progressive candidates.

How you can help: Know of another great organization aligned with our mission? Send them our way or support them with a donation.


We’re not going away any time soon. A donation to Bluebonnet Data is an investment in the future of our democracy: we’re sending much-needed data and technical help to down-ballot campaigns and progressive organizations while building up a new generation of talent in the progressive movement.


Our Message to the Bluebonnet Data Slack on 5/4/22

Hello everyone,

This week’s news that the Supreme Court is preparing to strike down Roe v Wade is shocking and upsetting, it will cause a lot of real harm as well as set us down a dangerous path of radical minority views being imposed on the entire country.

Yet we knew this outcome was likely given the Trump appointees and the recent flurry of state legislation designed specifically to bring this issue to the court. It really highlights how important this community’s work is to help elect progressive candidates & support progressive causes across the country. We have to change our representatives for people who will protect our freedom of choice.

This also makes us believe more than ever in our mission to build a new generation of talent in the Democratic Party. The campaign to overturn Roe v Wade has been decades in the making — but we too have a generational plan to change our future. The work you do now is so critical, and so are the careers many of you will build and the long-term impact you will have by being involved in this movement. We have more than 1000 people in this community – that’s more than 1000 people who have donated their time and skills to help down-ballot campaigns and progressive causes. That’s a big deal.

It’s incredibly frustrating that Democratic majorities in Congress since 2008 haven’t fought hard enough to prevent this day from coming. But there are a lot of brave, inspiring fighters in state legislatures around the country who are doing everything they can to protect access to safe and legal abortions. We’ll continue to focus on candidates in districts and races that are often overlooked but can make a huge impact, and we’ll also keep an eye out for unwavering pro-choice champions to support.

Remember that Bluebonnet is a no-stigma place for support. If you live in a state that is on track to ban abortions & curtail reproductive healthcare, this community and may be able to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our team if you ever need support.

Ways we can help right now:

  • Keep volunteering with progressive campaigns and causes, especially the ones in red states

  • Show up to protests

  • Donate to local abortion funds

  • Tell us about pro-choice champions who deserve a Bluebonnet team

In solidarity, Becca Blais & Nathán Goldberg


Statements from Pro-Choice Candidates & Organizations

Bluebonnet Supports

Tweets read:

Representative Katie Porter: "Women contribute trillions to our economy. With roughly half of states poised to ban abortion, thousands of workers could be pushed out of the labor force for months, years, or even permanently. Abortion is an economic issue that affects all of us."

Tennessee Senate Candidate Ruby Powell-Dennis: "The vast majority of the country supports a person's right to choose but the Republicans have worked to install a Supreme Court majority that does not reflect the country's wants, a thread. The overturning of Roe v. Wade will affect working-class black women the most. When we say #UnMuteBlackWomen we are talking about black women's voices and their right to choose what they do with their bodies. Here's what we can do: (1) Call on the Senate to end the filibuster now!, (2) Pass the Women's Health Protection Act, (3) Vote for pro-choice candidates to make sure your human rights are protected in your state."

VOTE PROCHOICE Non-profit: "You know and love someone who had an abortion, and it wasn’t a traumatic experience for them — accessing abortion care was pivotal to controlling their future and is a critical part of who they are. Abortion is healthcare."

Randi McCallian, Missouri Candidate for House of Representatives: "I’ve had an abortion. My reasons for having an abortion are my own, and my abortion was medical care. I do not appreciate the idea that the government should: (a) know about my private medical event, & (b) ‘give me a consequence’ for a private medical care event. #AbortionisHealthcare."


Help us keep fighting.

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