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Educational Resources

Looking to learn how to code or brush up on your tech skills? We'd recommend these resources to help you get started.

Free Code Camp: Here's a post by Dhawal Shah that links to 450 Ivy League courses that can be taken online for free, including computer science and data science classes.

Crack the Code: This group compiled a thorough list of resources for learning coding and data science basics, as well as in-depth training on SQL, R, Python, GIS mapping, and more.

Git Tutorial: Beginner Git tutorial hosted by GitKraken.

If you're already coding and want to connect to a development community, we would recommend DEV. You can follow tags for #beginners or #tutorials, or get involved on blogs for #python, #react, and more.

We'll keep updating this post with more resources as we come across them. If you have a resource to share, let us know by commenting below!

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