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Campaign Tech Breakdown: Introducing Innovative Tools to Help Progressives Win

If you’ve been following our work, you’ll know that we recently launched our Campaign Tech Fellowship, where tech-savvy volunteers will be helping down-ballot campaigns with Campaign Tech tool adoption and usage. But, what exactly are these tools and what benefits can we expect from them?

In this article, we breakdown the details of all the different services that each of our partnered organizations bring to the table. We’ll cover the specific tools, how much they can cost, what they do, and how this will help you in your path to victory.

Campaign Tech Tool Breakdown



What does it do?

Campaign Impact

Starts at $80, w/ add-on costs for features like SMS, phone calls, emails. Website building platform is FREE for Bluebonnet Campaigns

All-in one tool specifically made for smaller campaigns & nonprofits. Easy launch platform for customized campaign website

Consolidated campaign outreach to voters via multiple channels - email, text, canvass, + easy website!

FREE for Bluebonnet campaigns in AZ, GA, FL, NC, PA

Enables people to post video prompts & record videos on your campaign’s behalf

Easy, accessible, and genuine content creation that is supporter driven

Depends on state, is handled through state parties

Main source for campaigns to keep a record of supporters & access the voter file

  • Know who is likely to support you

  • Contact all registered voters in your state

Starts at $300/mo for Bluebonnet campaigns. Get in touch for more information about a free 2 month trial

Uses relational organizing to leverage your social media network on, find influential people, & ask them to fundraise, amplify, or support you on your behalf.

  • Amplified fundraising ability

  • Execute calls to action

  • Affordable awareness building

  • Email acquisition