Campaigns & Causes

We match volunteer data teams with campaigns, nonprofits, unions, legislative causes, and other progressive organizations.

*We are currently only taking in new clients interested in Campaign Tech teams


How it Works


We recruit people with skills in coding and data science to become Bluebonnet Fellows, data volunteers for progressive campaigns and causes. 


We train Fellows on how to apply their technical skills to civic data, such as working with census data to conduct district analyses and using VoteBuilder.


We organize Fellows into teams match them with a progressive campaign or cause, where they become your remote, volunteer data team. 

Data Project Examples

Bluebonnet has worked in races ranging from school board to US Senate. Teams are prepared to help develop campaign data analytics, field visualizations, and other projects, such as:​

Calculating a win number
Merging Census and voter data
Early voting
Field and
outreach lists
Internal report
Local issue
Priority precinct mapping
Other custom
Progress to goal visualization


What Our Partners Are Saying

Justin Leslie

State House Campaign Manager (TN)

Speaking purely from a state-level race, the services of Bluebonnet were exactly what we were looking for. The data they provided, and the enthusiasm with which the fellows tackled the campaign’s asks was truly inspiring. I look forward to working with Bluebonnet in the future!

Zach Brown

County Commission Candidate (MT)

My Bluebonnet team added capacity that I didn't otherwise have for my local race. They gave me their talent, curiosity, and created a structure of regular communication and accountability. With their help, we won the race and flipped the seat from red to blue! 

Nicole Googe

State House Campaign Manager (GA)

Our Bluebonnet team was truly a blessing. We could not have run the campaign we did without their assistance. Not only was the professionalism exceptional and the work absolutely indispensable, but the team also brought an incredible energy and excitement that made working with them a true pleasure.

Stephanie Phillips

State House Candidate (TX)

"I LOVED my Bluebonnet Team. Access to Data and Tech is essential to running a successful campaign. Bluebonnet helps level the playing field for low budget campaigns and grassroots candidates. THANK YOU!"

Chloe Wilson

County Commission Campaign Manager (TX)

Our team of Bluebonnet fellows were extremely helpful in building tracking sheets that helped us make targeting decisions in our campaign as more money became available for us to spend on voter contact.

Kim Bost

State House Candidate (NC)

My Bluebonnet team was fantastic. They worked well together and came to our meetings with proactive information and ideas. That they communicated with many other teams working on other campaigns was a benefit that gave us ideas and insight on strategies we came up with. Having a resource like Bluebonnet is one of the reasons I would consider running again.

Peter Cruz

City Council Candidate (CA)

As a first-time candidate interested in data-driven campaigning, Bluebonnet Data provides a fantastic toolkit for campaigns - I highly recommend Bluebonnet Data.

Aisha Alayande

Congressional Campaign Manager (FL)

The work that was done by the Bluebonnet team was invaluable. They were professional, always ready and had great smiles. 

Rachel Willis

State Senate Candidate (KS)

My Bluebonnet team was excellent. They all showed initiative and completed tasks on time and of high quality.

Randi McCallian

State Senate Candidate (CO)

It was AMAZING to have the well-rounded support of our dedicated Bluebonnet Team and I won't run for office without them! As a first-time candidate, my BlueBonnet team was really critical in building a strong presence for the campaign, building my own confidence as the candidate, and we ALL should run to inspire new people -- and Bluebonnet gave me that opportunity too! 


Compliance With Applicable Laws

Under certain circumstances, Bluebonnet may not be able to provide in-kind contributions to our partners. As a result, and in order to be extra cautious, we charge a fee for the service of matching a data team with a client: $750 for federal campaigns and $500 for everyone else. In return for this fee, we ensure that our partners receive the support of a Bluebonnet team for the entirety of their cohort cycle.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Bluebonnet strives to foster diversity, equity, and inclusivity among employees, fellows, and partners, creating a team environment that prioritizes mutual respect and fair treatment. We expect all community members to make a commitment to inclusivity and in addition to respectful discourse, to treat fellows equally and without regard to gender, race, disability, religion, or other identities. 

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