our fellowship

Bluebonnet offers a fellowship opportunity for students and recent graduates to volunteer as data analysts for campaigns across the country.

step 1: apply

We are seeking students & recent graduates from STEM fields or with significant technical experience. We will invest the resources into your political data training and in return, we ask for a minimum time commitment of

5-7 hours per week per campaign team. 


Most importantly, we are seeking applicants who have a strong desire to make a difference in the field of Democratic politics.

step 2: train

We will teach you how data can be used to make political campaigns more effective and efficient.


You'll be introduced to relevant technology, such as VAN, as well as shown how to perform tactical field analytics. From basics like calculating win numbers to more complex demographic analysis, you'll learn how data can enrich all elements of a campaign and inform key strategies. 

step 3: code

Welcome to the national Bluebonnet network. Upon becoming a fellow, you will be placed with a team and connected to a campaign. Teams are peer-led and grouped by skill set and location, maximizing the opportunity for every volunteer to learn and contribute to a larger community. 

Teams volunteer directly with campaigns and have weekly calls to establish goals and track progress. Throughout the process, you'll receive ongoing support from the broader Bluebonnet community. 

apply today

Our application can be submitted directly online, and if you have any questions, email us at info@bluebonnetdata.org.


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