Filling the data gap.

Bluebonnet was founded in 2018 to fill the data and technology gap in progressive campaigns. Down-ballot campaigns struggle to gain affordable access to data and technical talent, yet there are thousands of people with technical skills who want to be involved in politics but do not know where to start.


Bluebonnet is the bridge for technical talent to enter the political field. Our data fellowship lowers the barrier to entry for joining the political process by training and organizing volunteer data teams for down-ballot campaigns. We are constantly working on improving this mission by reaching more campaigns and more volunteers. 

Since 2018,

600+ Bluebonnet fellows have worked together 

to reach: 

8 campaigns
in 2018
12 campaigns
in 2019
400+ campaigns
in 2020
between data and tech teams

Bluebonnet fellows are coming from high school, college, graduate school, and an array of professional fields. The opportunity for a remote, part-time engagement has allowed people who would not have otherwise been involved in politics to form a relationship with a progressive campaign.

Help us invest in the future of the Democratic Party.

Recruiting, training, and organizing 500+ volunteers has been made possible by a team of volunteers dedicated to this mission as well as two full-time staff members. In order to fully support our fellows and prepare for the elections ahead, we are seeking to raise $100,000 in small-dollar donations. With your contribution, we can:

Grow our codebase and technical training for fellows and campaigns.

Increase staff capacity so that we can support our growing fellow base.

Scale to all 50 states and support fellows reaching these campaigns. 


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