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[ 2020 Candidates & Causes ]

Meet some of the candidates and causes that have worked with Bluebonnet fellows and are running data-driven operations. 


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Heartland Core Wellness

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Racial Justice



[ 2019 Candidates ]

Dan McCready, North Carolina 9th Congressional District | Eliz Markowitz, Texas House District 28 | Starla Kiser, Virginia House District 4 | Mavis Taintor, Virginia House District 33 | Lindsey Dougherty, Virginia House District 62 | Shanda Yates, Mississippi House District 4 | Deborah Barros-Smith, Madison Town Council Seat 6, Alabama | Anne Landry, Reading Select Board, Massachusetts | Nick Golden, Haverhill Town Council Seat 3, Massachusetts | Meredith Boericke, BrainTree Town Council Seat 5, Massachusetts | Raj Salhotra, Houston City Council Seat 1, Texas

[ 2018 Candidates ]

Beto O'Rourke, Texas Senate | Todd Litton, Texas 2nd Congressional District |

Lorie Burch, Texas 3rd Congressional District | Jana Lynne Sanchez, Texas 6th Congressional District Mike Siegel, Texas 10th Congressional District | Rick Kennedy, Texas 17th Congressional District Joseph Kopser, Texas 21st Congressional District Sri Preston Kulkarni, Texas 22nd Congressional District


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