Federal Candidates

State Candidates

Sarah Leonardi

Broward County School Board, Florida


Shane Morigeau

Montana State Auditor

cynthia wallace.jpg

Cynthia Wallace

North Carolina 9th Congressional District

Eugene DePasquale

Pennsylvania 10th Congressional District


Garrett Blad

Indiana House District 6


Zach Stepp

Ohio State House District 55

Ed Phifer.jpg

Ed Phifer

North Carolina Senate District 46

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox.jpg

Sujata Gadkar-Wilcox

Connecticut House District 123

chloe maxmin.jpg

Chloe Maxmin

Maine Senate District 13


Donna Imam

Texas 31st Congressional District

Dr. Hiral Tipirneni

Arizona 6th Congressional District

khazei 2.jpg

Alan Khazei

Massachusetts 4th Congressional District

Alan Jones NC118.jpg

Alan Jones

North Carolina House District 118

Surendran K. Pattel

505th Judicial District Court Judge, Texas

Barbara Yates-Lockamy

North Carolina Senate District 13


Rick Kennedy

Texas 17th Congressional District

Sri Preston Kulkarni

Texas 22nd Congressional District


Julie Oliver

Texas 25th Congressional District


[ 2019 Candidates ]

Dan McCready, North Carolina 9th Congressional District | Eliz Markowitz, Texas House District 28 | Starla Kiser, Virginia House District 4 | Mavis Taintor, Virginia House District 33 | Lindsey Dougherty, Virginia House District 62 | Shanda Yates, Mississippi House District 4 | Deborah Barros-Smith, Madison Town Council Seat 6, Alabama | Anne Landry, Reading Select Board, Massachusetts | Nick Golden, Haverhill Town Council Seat 3, Massachusetts | Meredith Boericke, BrainTree Town Council Seat 5, Massachusetts | Raj Salhotra, Houston City Council Seat 1, Texas

[ 2018 Candidates ]

Beto O'Rourke, Texas Senate | Todd Litton, Texas 2nd Congressional District |

Lorie Burch, Texas 3rd Congressional District | Jana Lynne Sanchez, Texas 6th Congressional District Mike Siegel, Texas 10th Congressional District | Rick Kennedy, Texas 17th Congressional District Joseph Kopser, Texas 21st Congressional District Sri Preston Kulkarni, Texas 22nd Congressional District


Become a data-driven campaign.


Michael Moore

Harris County Commissioner Precinct 3, Texas

Zach Brown

Gallatin County Commission, Montana

Claudia Sandoval

Union County School Board, North Carolina


[ 2020 Candidates ]

These candidates have integrated Bluebonnet fellows into their campaigns and enjoyed the benefits of running a data-driven operation. 

Local Candidates

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