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how it works

Bluebonnet has worked in fourteen states to date, in races ranging from school board to US Senate. Teams are prepared to help develop campaign data analytics, field visualizations, and other projects.

  • Demographic and census data visualization

  • Votes to win and path to victory

  • Fundraising and donor profiles 

  • Past election results analysis

  • Interactive mapping

  • Tracking demographic shifts

  • Real-time reporting for early votes


the value of a bluebonnet team

Since we cannot give in-kind contributions, we have a one-time, up-front price: $300 for the service of matching a team with your campaign. The earlier you invest in your data analytics, the greater the value.​


It is up to you to decide how large or small you want your Bluebonnet team to be, although we generally recommend working with teams of three to five people. The $300 goes toward our nonprofit operating expenses and helps cover the time we put into matching your campaign with a team of volunteers.


getting started

We put together a guide on how to kickstart your data analytics with a Bluebonnet team.

case study

No race is too tough. Our TX-10 case study highlights the impact that a Bluebonnet team can make.

bluebonnet memo

Need to go over it with your team? Download our one-pager and spread the word. 


work with a volunteer data team

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